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DECORATING ITEMS and SERVICES Quantity Included in Package

Traditional Head Table Decorating ---- 

White or Ivory Tablecloths & Skirt, Candles, Multiple Centerpieces, Chair Covers and Sashes, Chargers, Draping, Flowers, Bows, etc, as needed. Up to 6 Banquet Tables


Up to 5 round tables 

Cake Table Decorating 

Tablecloths, Skirt, draping & lighting as needed  1 

Gold, Silver, or Red Charger Plates  26 (for head table only) 

Standard Guest Table Centerpieces-

(Minimal flowers -does not include tablecloths) 


Guest table runners and/or overlays  20 

Special Guest/Parent tables—Includes overlays, chargers, and reserve signs. 2

Gift Table décor (Includes tablecloths, & skirt)  1 

Souvenir or Candy Table Decor

Includes tablecloths, skirt, containers and enhancements.  1 

DJ Table—Tablecloth 1 

Envelope Drop Box-- 

Treasure Chest, Mailbox or Birdcage for monetary gifts. 1 

Draping Fabric Limited quantity as needed 

Potted plants, flowers, topiaries, etc. Limited quantity, as needed 

GENERAL DÉCOR / TABLE BACKDROP (Category of choices available)

Select 1 Category or 1/2 of 2 Categories

Wedding, Aisle, or Column Arches  2 

Textured Pedestals with Live Potted Ferns 4 

Lighted Fabric Columns with greenery on top 4 

2 Lighted Fabric Columns with greenery

1 Lighted Fabric Column with flowers  3 columns 

10 foot wide Curtain Backdrop panel 2 panels--(20 total feet) 

Fabric Pedestals with candles or greenery 10 

No substitutions allowed in the package and deleting items will not change the package price. If less décor is needed, please select from the “Additions & Targeted Decorating” list. Upgraded décor items and decorating services may be ordered individually ($500 minimum required). 

There is a mileage charge of $1.25 per mile for travel over 50 miles (100 miles round trip) from Charlotte area, for decorating.