About Us

 Petals, Pearls and Lace, Creative Design Studio was established in 1997 by Deborah "Dianne" Brown-Lloyd. A graduate of Winthrop University with a degree in Business and Fashion Merchandising, Dianne always had an interest in beautiful and creative designs. Dianne's creative passion, and commitment to detail, evolved into a hobby that encompassed everything from sewing and intricate crafts, to decorating and set design. Having taken on the task of doing all the design work for her own wedding, Dianne came to understand the value of having someone else carry the burden of setup, and decorating. This realization helped plant the seed for Petals, Pearls and Lace. However, it wasn't until years later that the business was actually formed.  

 Dianne soon realized how demanding this new business would be, so she put out a call for help. It was her sister, Barbara D. Brown, who dropped everything and answered the call. Barbara understood what Dianne was trying to achieve, and without question or hesitation, added her unique talents to the development of this new challenge. Thus, what started out as a hobby became a thriving, diverse, family owned business. Together, these two women work to come up with various set ups, designs, and ideas for innovative settings. With hard work and commitment to excellence, they have helped make the dream weddings of many brides a reality.